Learn more about the craft of Moroccan artisans.

The architecture

Tadellakt, zellige, cupola and column… are lasting vibrations of Arab-Andalusian heritage, harmoniously matching modern comfort, witness to that are major structures such as the riads (guest houses), palaces, luxury hotels, mosques and Mediterranean mansions.

The art of sculpted plaster (or gebs)

our artisans make it a point of honor to jealously preserve this precious and meticulous art. The sculpted plaster is highlighted with different colors and is in perfect harmony with wooden, metal and other decorative elements. The rosy-colored and valued plaster of Marrakech breathes serene beauty is conveyed by the red clay extracted from the Asni quarries.

The art of woodwork of mahogany-made

Balconies, screens, and stairs railing of carved wood are a heritage of breathtaking beauty. A moosharabieh can be defined as bringing together empty and filled up spaces kept in balance and expressed in horizontal and vertical lines that are perfectly integrated in the surrounding architecture; sometimes letting the air seep through and at others veiling it. Moosharabieh is a hymn to light.

The art of Tadellakt

The mystery of application of this wall dressing, made of lime and black soap, is a well-kept secret of native artisans of Marrakech. It is increasingly used to paint the walls of riads houses and flats where it has become the ultimate must.

The art of our souls

Metal, earth stone and wood…harmonious mingling of materials, colors and style that makes up the Moroccan architecture… riding a wave of modernity yet, retaining its full authenticity.

The art of zellige

Stars, arabesques, and rosettes are reproduced on fountains, basins, columns, and walls where they catch the eye. The result is zellige, a perfect match between colors and shapes that harmoniously bled into an authentic and highly esthetical mosaic.

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