Learn more about the craft of Moroccan artisans.


Sculpture, paintings, small wood articles, and ornamental metal works are all a part of the art of furnishing.

Moroccan living rooms

Entering into a Moroccan living room is to immerse oneself in this art of living born out of Roman, Berber, and Andalusian influences and combined with major trends of modern day amenities. Its many corners, tables, tilt top pedestal tables, and settees (seddari) covered in precious fabrics and enlivened with braided cushions, turn this room into a heaven of unmatched hospitality.

The art of wrought iron

This dainty art of intertwining iron is thriving everywhere in Morocco. Originally and deftness interact with the art of iron works by a subtle balance between iron and mosaics. The result is tables and bracket consoles that are infinitely adaptable and naturally suited for gardens and interiors. Each and every piece of iron works speaks for the daring yet subtle character of this art.

The matter of our souls

The art of furnishing has definitely become the art of research for new materials, new technologies, and new associations to find the perfect match between the authentic and modern. Over the years, young designers have been able to reinvent the charms of Moroccan furniture. Combining functionally and creativity, they subtly blend all the Moroccan touches with unmatched originality.

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