Morocco Premier Events
45449 Severn Way, Suite #161
Sterling, Virginia, 20166
March 2, 2015 (Sterling, VA)

Showroom Feature the Best of Morocco Opens in Dulles Design Center near Washington, DC

Hassan Samrhouni, CEO and founder of Morocco Premier Events, is a Washington, DC area businessman who has been promoting Morocco in the US for more than 25 years. For his latest project, he has launched a unique high profile initiative to promote Morocco in the US that combines entertainment, business, visual treats, and hands-on appreciation of Moroccan cultural items. Long known for organizing community events and special productions featuring Morocco cultural displays, music, and performances, he has now established a permanent venue as the focal point of his special events services offered throughout North America.

As Hassan explained, “Having a permanent showroom so near to Washington, DC and Dulles International Airport gives us a great opportunity to sell the Moroccan story to audiences across North America. Located in a major transportation hub, we can literally pick up and recreate Moroccan themes in venues ranging from community events to large-scale exhibitions literally any where our trucks can go.”

The 5,000 square foot showroom features areas devoted to Moroccan furniture, jewelry, clothing, design elements, leather and wood products, and much more. A year in the planning, Hassan believes that the time is right for Morocco to have a higher profile in the US and Canada. “We have vibrant communities who want to promote their cultural, social, and historical roots, in addition to our food and music. By making all of these available both for sale at the showroom and as part of traveling exhibitions, we empower Moroccan communities to feel the story beyond the film Casablanca.”

“By building partnerships with vendors and suppliers in Morocco, we can respond quickly to requests from clients, including making furniture to order. I am quite excited about making this a must-see place for people interested in all things Moroccan.”

Hassan also points out that there is ample free parking available and that adjacent space is available for seminars, performances, meetings, fashion shows, and other events. Morocco Premier Events is well on its way to making this dream come true.

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