Handicraft from Morocco

An art in its own right

Moroccan home to innumerable tastes and aromas, represents the perfect symbiosis between nature and men. The true taste of authentic products is the prerogative of organic products cunningly prepared by guardians of tradition. Furthermore, Morocco is witnessing the emergence of bio-cosmetics, the very essence of nature. A complete range of quality cosmetic products, without added substances, is available.

Argan oil

Only Morocco, particularly the region between Essaouira and the south of Taroudant, holds the secret of producing genuine organic argan oil. It takes an artisan eight hours of work to extract one litter of this precious oil. Its subtle taste is undoubtedly owned to the uncompromising meticulousness of women who prepare it in their homes. In line with the Mediterranean tradition, it is served in a bowl with slices of bread. This world-renowned natural treasure has been used for centuries by Berber women for its exceptional cosmetic virtues.

Olive oil

For thousands of years, the olive tree has been the symbol of life. Today, scientific research has confirmed the virtues of the olive tree and its fruit. Traditional methods are used to preserve the natural aroma of the Moroccan olive oil; which is highly valued for its exceptional organoleptic properties.


When opening a jar of honey, one can breathe the air of the Gharb (West), the loukous, Sous Massa, Tadla, Tiznit, and Southern Sahara regions with their innumerable and delicious scents. A truly Universal remedy, this nectar produced by 70,000 beehives and sunflower, strengthens and enhances the taste of savory and sweet dishes, ranging from the plain to the refined. Whether these are vegetables, meat, poultry, desserts, or pastries (chebakia, briouates, makrout…), they become wrapped in a golden color and imbued with its intense aromas. It is a pleasure for the finest taste buds at times of celebrations.


A pinch of Saffron “Zaafran” (Yellow color in Arabic) from the area of Talioune is sufficient to season and illuminate the sun-filled dishes of the Atlas. This is not surprising as it takes 160,000 Saffron flower buds to produce one Kilogram of this scarce spice, highly praised for its strong peppery taste and so deservedly called the “Red Gold”.

Rose water

Roses grow naturally at Kalaat M’Gouna, located at the heart of the Atlas Mountains. Each spring, the “Festival des roses” and the election of Miss Rose celebrate the harvest of this fine flower, a key component, for fragrances and cosmetics (soap, shampoos, creams, essential oil…).

The essence extracted from it is full of virtues, it soothes, invigorates, and purifies. In both subtle and bold doses, it enhances the taste of numerous Moroccan pastries.

Essential Oils and natural cosmetics

Orange flower, mint, jasmine, musk, Argan oil, and sandal wood are as many essential oils which excite the senses. Black soap, ghassoul, kohl, henna and traditional akar from Fes open up a world of beauty, sensuality and sweet perfumes. Essential oils and natural cosmetics embody the art of natural wellness.

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