Handicraft from Morocco

The art of weaving

Irrespective of trends, the art of weaving has remained a reference. Household linen, plaids, bedspreads, sheer curtains, cushions, table clothes, table mats or upholstery fabrics….. They all reflect the patience and passion of creation. Whether be their style, tone on tone or graphical stripes, adorned with the precious embroidery of fez or braided, they are an infinite source of warmth, refinement, and coolness to the interiors of our homes.

The matter of soul

Fine wool, thick wool, knop wool silk, cotton, linen fabric, doum palm (dwarf fan palm), kharka or sabra… materials mix and from this blend, colors emerge. Threads cross again and again without ever becoming entangled. Thread after thread, this synchronized ballet gives birth to fabrics that may be rustic, romantic, classic, or sophisticated yet, Always elegant.

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