Handicraft from Morocco



The art of earth

This is the art of earth or pottery. Be it in rural and urban areas alike, this age-old tradition whispers the secrets of earth.

Rural pottery

Rural pottery draws its decorative patterns from the fascinating world of symbols. Discrete, geometrical and authentic drawings often go back to tribal origins.

In the fold of the Rif Mountains, the potters of Oued Laou caress the earth and model it into household earthenware. It is the noble earth that served as a raw material which gives it its distinct color.

Urban pottery

Whether it is from Fez, Safi, sale or Marrakech, each piece of urban pottery blinds us in its spell. A universe where the geometric patterns of the Islamic art, meet and mingle with floral shapes.

For Safi artisans, ceramic holds no secrets. Since time passed they have mastered every single aspects of it and have adorned it with all kind of shapes and colors. Electric drawings-Berber, Andalusian-painted on slips of white, sea-green, pale blue or brown colors make us the cunning charm of Safi potteries.

More recently, designers in Marrakesh have succeeded in revisiting the legacy with a modern eye to enhance its finesses and elegance. The result was a happy blend of chic rustic style and truly charming ethnic art.

The Matter of souls

Moroccan patterns have mastered the secrets of earth, water, air and fire. They have listened to and understood the language of clay, and out of it have created beauty, fecundity and force. Each terracotta made dish (tagine), ash tray, vase and candle-holder has its own story to be read between the lines. A particular smell that takes one back to the side of artisans, who have patiently instilled life in these items.

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