Handicraft from Morocco

The art of leather work

There is no better testimony to Morocco’s contribution in the leather craftsmanship than the every origin of its name: “Maroquinerie”. Poufs, desk pads, and blotters, saddles, console tables, and sheathed drawer chests…are the incarnation n of the soul of Moroccan leather craftsmen, custodians of a legendary know-how.

The shimmering, tantalizing colors of cubic or cylindrical self or multicolored poufs illuminate the interiors of Morocco sitting and living rooms. When smelling and caressing these leather-made items, one cannot but feel the passion of the leather worked and the thousands of needle stitches inspired by an acute sense of tradition. Definitely fashionable and essential in every house, that is how the pouf is considered. Likewise, more and more console tables and drawer chests are leather-covered, thus adding to the coziness and livability of interiors both in Morocco and elsewhere.

The matter of our souls

The skins of sheep, goat, cow, and sometimes dromedary are all fine skins further refined by leather workers. A surprising combination of sturdiness and softness conveys a noble character to the Moroccan art of leather.

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